Proven Commitment

All Saints LogoAll Saints Catholic Academy’s Longstanding Commitment to Economic and Ethnic Diversity

Even before All Saints opened its doors in 2005, its founders established a goal of having at least 20% of the student population receive some form of tuition assistance and contribute to the ethnic and economic diversity of the school. True to the spirit of the Catholic Church’s tradition of being welcoming and universal, it was a vision strongly encouraged by the bishop of the Diocese of Joliet, and a commitment made from the outset by All Saints’ three sponsoring Naperville parishes.

It has been All Saints’ consistent experience that young students and their families in nearby low-income communities readily appreciate the valuable life-changing opportunity that lies close by, but just out of reach. They are ready and eager to participate in the top-quality elementary education that All Saints offers. They simply can’t do it alone.

There is another factor which recommends All Saints as the venue for Change A Life. In the All Saints community, it has long been recognized that a diverse student body offers a richer and more beneficial learning experience for the entire student body. All Saints students and their families are blessed with their own life-changing opportunity, to welcome and appreciate classmates whose economic and ethnic diversity enrich the educational experience for all.

In the twelve years that All Saints has been open, it has welcomed over 90 lower-income students into its ethnic and economic scholarship program, reflecting a financial commitment on the part of the school and its supporting donors of over $1.5 million to date.