Changing Lives

Multiracial Hands Making a CircleChange A Life Scholarship Fund is looking for individual, foundation, parish and business sponsors to join with our existing benefactors to provide funds for our current scholarship students and to develop additional funds for future enrollees. Through Annual, Endowed and Legacy Scholarship funding, benefactors can offer“Change A Life” educational opportunities to promising young students who otherwise simply could not afford to receive the benefits offered by a top-quality elementary school. A donor can choose to personally sponsor one or more students, or provide assistance to the general scholarship fund. All funds donated will go directly toward providing scholarships for need-based students. Presently, full tuition and fees at All Saints total between $6,000 and $7,000 per student, but many scholarship families go to great lengths to contribute whatever they can toward their children’s education, and the school absorbs a share of the costs as well. We are presently targeting funding of about $5,000 per student per year.