A Shared Opportunity

In Two Communities, a Shared Opportunity

Hands_2In lower-income areas in suburbs near Naperville, there are young students of great promise from caring, devoted families. Their life prospects can certainly be improved with an excellent elementary education. Their communities, though, far too often, are not able to provide an elementary school education that will set a promising student on a path to academic opportunity and lifetime achievement.

In the largely professional, middle- and upper-income suburb of Naperville, All Saints Catholic Academy is highly regarded, even in comparison with other fine area schools, for its small class sizes, its extended school day schedules, and its “academy concept” which offers developmentally appropriate programming for students grouped in four academies: Early Childhood (Preschool), Primary (Kindergarten through 2nd grade), Intermediate (3rd through 5th), and Junior High (6th through 8th ).

With its early and unwavering commitment to making quality elementary education available, through scholarship, to lower income students from minority communities, All Saints Catholic Academy is ideally suited to deliver on the vision and the promise of the Change A Life Scholarship Fund.