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“Sponsor a Student” Scholarship Funding Opportunities

“Sponsor A Student” is a way to provide direct funding toward one or more students’ tuition needs.  Options include Annual Funding, Endowed Funding or Legacy Planned Giving.  100% of donated funds go directly to funding the student’s tuition at All Saints Catholic Academy.

Your participation at any level is greatly appreciated.

While Change A Life Scholarship Fund welcomes donor participation at any level, benefactors with the means are encouraged to both support scholarship and to encourage other donors through participation as Named Scholarship Donors, with visibility on the Fund’s web site and in its reports.

  • Annual Funding – Benefactor gives a minimum donation of $1,000 per year with the expectation of at least five years of continued funding, to be allocated to current and incoming scholarship students. We are presently targeting scholarship donations of about $5,000 per student per year.  
  • Endowed Funding – Benefactor gives a minimum of $25,000 funded over one to five years, with funds being invested and distributed through the Diocese of Joliet Endowment Fund to pay tuition for All Saints students. A cumulative donation of $100,000 will fund one scholarship student at a time, in perpetuity.
  • Legacy Planned Giving – Benefactor designates the Change A Life Scholarship Fund of All Saints Catholic Academy as a beneficiary of $25,000 or more in their will, estate plan or other planned giving.
  • Endowed and Annual Scholarship Funding Forms which offer a range of suggested funding plans are available below. Alternative funding plans can certainly be considered.

Sponsor a Student – Annual Funding

Sponsor a Student – Endowed Funding

For More Information, Please contact Tim Traynor